What my clients have to say ...

"I have seen many counsellors over the years, you were the one who helped me the most." 

JY, Taunton

"Katie was extremely patient and I felt in her a real depth of understanding of things unspoken, I had complete trust in her and could speak freely. She gave me a second chance in life."

JG, Taunton

"I'm so glad that I went to see Katie, from the first day until the last Katie made me feel so welcome. She was so easy to talk to and went at my pace. Can't say enough positive things about Katie or this will end up being an essay."

A, Taunton

"Katie is kind, a great counsellor and she is a credit to herself and therapy."

OP, Taunton

"Thank you for helping me when I felt at my lowest and doubted myself. Life is a difficult journey and you have made me realise and acknowledge "shame" and my patterns of behaviour. I have started to believe in myself again and be assertive and heard. I have really valued your warmth, active listening, honesty, reflections, support, patience and endless compassion! These qualities are held in the highest regard."

AA, High Wycombe

"It's amazing to think 2 months ago I was probably in the worst place mentally I've ever been. I didn't want to exist anymore! Yet 2 months later I'm probably in the best mindset I've been in a very long time! I just want to thank you for everything and making me see things differently. I just needed that gentle nudge to clarify things for me. Plus I feel safe that if I do have a wobble you are there to guide and help me through it."

JM, Newcastle

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